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As they say, “balance is everything,” and no two people know its certainty better than Carlo and Claude Manookian.  Through their extensive travels, the brothers have had ample opportunity to experience wines from all over the world. As their understanding of wine grew, so did their appreciation of the ageless characteristics old world wines offer.  Yet, they also found new world wines equally thrilling, as these wines stay truer to the fruit and offer a more direct approach.

In search of the ultimate balancing act, the brothers began bridging the gap between the old and new winemaking techniques.  Every year they seek the best possible fruit from well know and highly acclaimed vineyards.  Meticulous attention is paid to the sorting of the grapes and no detail is overlooked. Modern laboratory techniques are utilized routinely to monitor and modulate the fermentation process. While aging is done the old fashion way in the highest quality French oak barrels, the wine is under the constant watchful eye of the Manookian Cellars wine making team.

As professionals in the fields of medicine and law, Carlo and Claude, respectively, recognize first hand the dedication and hard work necessary for success.  From hobbyists to collectors and now producers, they feel each bottle represents their character, integrity, and vision of crafting contemporary classics.  Balance is everything and it’s in every bottle of Manookian Cellars wines.

Each bottle of Manookian Cellars wine is the result of thousands of hours of dedicated effort by an experienced team that’s serious about combining the contemporary with the classics to create elite wines. Manookian Cellars consulting winemaker Kian Tavakoli is a Napa Valley veteran who first earned his Viticulture degree from UC Davis, after which he spent four years learning cabernet sauvignon winemaking at the legendary Opus One. His amazing talent soon landed him the coveted role of winemaker at Clos Du Val where he ran their red wine program, including their highly-acclaimed reserve bottling. With more than a decade of winemaking, operations and viticultural experience, Kian brings a stellar combination of sensory and production skills that are regarded as among the best in the industry.

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